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Wind Rating

For all types of sheds and garages, they must be engineered to suit the conditions. All throughout Australia, there are various wind ratings to each particular location. This factors what type of shed wind rating you will need.

For example, a customer who is purchasing a shed in Cairns will have to pay more due to the cyclonic conditions that they experience, where as a customer in Sydney is going to pay less due to non-cyclonic conditions.

The map below has Australian standard of wind rating required for the engineering.

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Roof pitches

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Colorbond colours

We a broad selection of colours to choose for your roof, walls or gutter and trim. You can customize these colours to each particular part,

For example:

Walls – Surfmist. Roof – Woodland Grey. Gutter and trim – Woodland Grey.

Wholesale Homes and Sheds Colorbond Chart







Component Identity Reference

Below is a Component identity Reference which will help erect your shed, by identifying the different parts and terminology.

Component Identity Reference