Kit Homes NSW


Wholesale Homes and Sheds are geared to deliver Kit Homes in NSW. Future home-owners in NSW have turned to Kit Homes as a solution to the rising cost of home ownership.


Due to Kit Homes being affordable and flexible with today’s market, it can offer the homeowner great value for money. Kit Homes are delivered in kits which has all the necessary materials to construct a home, including roofing, windows, external cladding, internal walls and ceilings.


Each local councils in NSW have requirements and regulations involving the building codes. It is imperative to make sure of all of the councils requirements and regulations involving the building codes. No matter where you’re from in New South Wales, there will be local tradesman available should you wish to not do the full build yourself. If you are up to the challenge it may save you a great deal of money to do it yourself. Building your new home can be a challenge. But with building your Kit Home through Wholesale homes and Sheds, We are with you every step along the way.

Some competitors have their Kit Homes not assembled when arriving to site. Wholesale Homes and Sheds works within each and every client and has everything label with clear directions when organizing materials. Our Frames and Trusses are both available in Timber and Steel. This gives you, the customer, a peace of mind when weighing in the factors of deciding your Kit Home.


We can supply you with the engineering, energy report, and full working drawings that you can submit to your local council, We also supply timber or steel frames and trusses. We deliver to all parts of New South Wales such as Newcastle, Sydney, Tweed Heads, Woollongong, Ballina, Byron Bay and Port Macquarie.


If you would like a price on Kit Home NSW, contact us today.