Affordable Kit Home Prices

There is no doubt that in Australia, housing is becoming less affordable in all major cities. In the last decade, thousands of Australian families are looking for ways to enter the property market. Kit Homes is an affordable alternative to making your dream a reality.


Our prices are broken down into 4 stages:


If you are putting your home on a slab, you will not require the Floor Kit Components. We believe by separating each kit helps owner builders keep in control of the budget. When purchasing a home, clients will not be required to purchase all 4 stages, rather than decide what is best for each build.

Kit Homes built precisely to your design, modified to suit your desires all for an affordable price.


Owner building has developed of late due to the rising house prices. Kit homes are a great alternative to save thousands of money whilst building their dream home. Our homes are supplied with the engineering, energy report, and full working drawings that you can submit to your local council. We also supply timber or steel frames and trusses. We deliver to all parts of Australia and overseas.

You can choose a kit home design that meets different requirements regarding size and dimensions, depending on your block size and your own personal requirements. Cladding is a very popular option in most Australian kit homes, because it’s easy to install for the owner / builder. You can however opt for a different type of cladding if you wish, we can supply whatever you are after.