Kit Homes Australia


Kit Homes Australia

Wholesale Homes and Sheds continue to provide Kit Homes Australia to families all across Australia. Kit Homes have become popular in Australia due to rising costs of buying a home.


With over 30 years experience in the building industry, we have developed techniques to make it easier for owner builders. Hence we stand by our products and materials, that we are one of the leading Kit Homes suppliers in Australia.


Among purchasing a Kit Home from us, you will receive full working drawings of your home, energy reports, Full engineering that will assist you when submitting plans to council.


There are many different techniques for cladding on the exterior of your home. If you visit our inclusions you will find out standard inclusions. You do have the flexibility to upgrade your components if you wish.

All homes are divided into 4 stages lock-up, lining, final and Floor. Each kit is optional when purchasing. We believe we have the best prices on today’s market. It is our trust and integrity to sell quality kit homes, because we know buying a home is a big investment.