Granny Flats in Western Australia


Granny Flats Western Australia


Changes to the rules covering granny flats in Western Australia now allow home owners to lease them out to tenants other than family members. The move was made to ease the rental housing prices. This created home-owners to have additional income by renting it out. This made the opportunity for students and young people looking for affordable accommodation to rent granny flats. Due to this change, it has implemented more flexibility and introduced more rental accommodation to the Western Australia.


A granny flat is a term for a secondary dwelling. A typical granny flat will include a bedroom, living area, bathroom and small kitchen. Virtually, it is another, smaller home on your property, ideally suitable for elderly grandparents to live close by, or for a growing family requiring a teenager retreat.


The current legislation is called the Affordable Rental Housing State Environmental Planning Policy 2009, otherwise known as the ‘SEPP’. The common size for a granny flat is between 60-90 square meters. Furthermore the state governments have introduced individual guidelines in according to the market growth in the area.


Each council and state is different, here are guidelines that feature across most states.

  • The owner of the granny flat must also be the owner of the primary dwelling.
  • The block must be at least 450m² to build a granny flat.
  • Each block is limited to one granny flat.

To find out more information, check with the local council before purchasing a granny flat.

Building Requirements

The standard size of the granny flat can be no more than 70 M2, unless the maximum allowed by the council. Clients must submit your plans to council before building. It is illegal to begin building without a building permit.


Granny flats in Western Australia have the ability to be constructed on posts or on a slab. If your land is on a slope it would be best to build on posts which will require less work and most likely cheaper. Exterior Cladding is flexible with allowing Hebel, Weatherboards, Brick Veneer and many more. Advances in technology in recent years have made building a granny flat a lot quicker and easier.


It is important to know your Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) when purchasing a new property or building a Granny flat Western Australia. It can add thousands of dollars if you are not aware of the regulations. Check with local authorities before purchasing a Granny Flat.


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