Granny Flats South Australia

Granny Flats South Australia


Building Granny Flats South Australia is an investment with a continuing income, whilst raising your market value. A granny flat allows additional living space for a teenagers retreat, home office or even a place for elderly relatives. Granny Flats South Australia can not exceed 60 M2 or 70 per cent of the total floor area of the existing dwelling.

Requirements prior to building a Granny Flat

  • The minimum lot size of the block is 600sqm
  • The maximum size is 60 Sqm Or No More Than 70% Gross Coverage When Combined With The Main Dwelling.
  • If leased, It must be to a relative of the primary dwelling owner.
  • The Granny Flat must be attached to the main dwelling.

To find out more information, check with the local council before purchasing a granny flat.



Each local council requires submitting of plans or to a private certifier. All councils have different rules and regulations. In some council areas, granny flats are illegal because they do not meet zoning laws requirements for the local district.


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