Granny Flats New South Wales

Granny Flats New South Wales


The New South Wales government has made building Granny Flats easier and faster to build. A second dwelling on your property allows you add space and value to your existing property.


A granny flat is a term for a secondary dwelling. A typical granny flat will include a bedroom, living area, bathroom and small kitchen. Virtually, it is another, smaller home on your property, ideally suitable for elderly grandparents to live close by.


Granny flats are now permitted in all residential zones, subject to meeting the following requirements:

  1. There is only one house and one granny flat on the lot.
  2. The combined total floor area of the house and the granny flat complies with the floor space area controls in the local environment plan.
  3. The maximum floor area of the granny flat is no greater than 60 M2 or the maximum floor area prescribed by the council in the local environmental plan.
  4. The granny flat meets planning controls such as building height and setbacks, floor space ratios, and open space in the local environmental plan and/or the complying development provisions in the affordable rental housing SEPP.
  5. The granny flat meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

There are no requirements under the policy to provide any additional parking for the granny flat. A granny flat may occur either with DA consent, or as complying development, as outlined.


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