custom house design

Custom House Design


Have you ever wanted to build your own home but didn’t know where to start? well, look no further! Wholesale Homes and Sheds specialize in working with your custom house design to bring your dream a reality. With over 30 years building experience, our team will guide you towards building your own home. There is no doubt that the housing market has greatly increased across Australia and shows no sign of slowing down. In many capital cities, it has become very difficult for Australian families to enter the property market.

Building a Kit home will keep you in control of your build.

Enter the world of Kit Homes. Kit Home is a term which is a home designed for owner builders. Wholesale Homes and Sheds are one the market leaders in this industry. Our team has developed techniques which makes it easier for people to build their very own homes, saving thousands from going through a project builder. A project builder will often have a certain type of rules and regulations. Most of them, they won’t allow you to alter the plan, or changing fixtures often leads to “expensive” upgrades. Building a custom house design Kit home will keep you in control of your build. Everything from using Treated Timber Frames or Steel Frame construction down to choosing tapware for your brand-new vanity, it’s totally your choice. That’s the way it should be.


Building a Granny Flat is also a great way to save money to enter the property market. A Granny Flat allows you to have additional living space with up 80m2 living area which is the size of a typical apartment. Granny Flats have huge potential for adding a continual income. They add thousands of value to an existing property. All councils are different across Australia so it is important to find out the rules and regulations at your local council prior to building a granny flat.


The Process

The first thing for us to supply your custom house design, is to sketch your idea out on some paper. Be sure to include details such as wall dimensions, window and door sizes, deck sizes. Forward the plan over to us and any other additional details that will help us provide an accurate quote. Our team will go through your design and will help you achieve as close as possible to your design without breaking the bank. We will supply an inclusions list that we will provide with all our quotes. All our materials are sourced from Australia, because we know the quality.

Still unsure on where to start? Choose one of our home designs and alter one of the designs. All our designs are flexible, so if you need to move a wall or change a window, that is not a problem.