Tips for Purchasing a Garage

Tips when Purchasing a garage


When it comes to purchasing a garage, there are many different aspects to be aware of when deciding your final result. Wholesale Homes and Sheds offer professional advice when selecting a garage. Some key points to help you through the process are below:


1. Size

It is important to measure the size of your garage in the location you are going to install it.

2. Purpose

What is the purpose of your new garage? Will it fit the car or boat with the tools at the back.

3. Council Restrictions

Contact your local council to check if you need approval of your new garage. Some council’s also require you to comply with certain sizes and colours.

4. Budget

Is your budget big enough to purchase the extra garage door or extra bay?

5. Terrain

Does your site require leveling or excavating. This needs to be done before deciding your garage measurements.

6. Access Points

Do you need to build a new driveway?  Do you need rear access to the back of your shed?

7. Aesthetics

Deciding if you want Colorbond® or Zincalume® Garage. Is your colour going to match your existing home or new home? What type of wall and roof profiles would be best suited for you?

8. Additional features

Do you need an extra Roller Door on the rear or side? Do you want a window or access door into your garage, even a glass sliding door?

9. Cyclonic Area’s

Is your location in a cyclonic area, If so you will need a cyclonic type shed, which will help ensure your shed still meets the Australian ShedSafe standard.


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