why build a kit home

Why Build a Kit Home

Are you looking for a way to build your dream home? Maybe you have looked into using a project builder, but you want something unique and will stand out from the rest. Follow along and we will explain why build a Kit Home?

Building a Kit Home provides you with an alternative way to enter the property market. The term ‘Kit Home’ has in the past represented a transportable dongle type home that is all pre-fabricated. Kit Homes have developed over the years and that had made way for better designs.

Wholesale Homes and Sheds Kit Homes are designed for owners builders looking to save money whilst building their dream homes. Our prices are exceptionally priced and our service is even better. We provide 7-day technical support whilst building, rest assured we will guide you through building your dream home.

Being the biggest financial committment, deciding to buy your new home is very important.

why build a kit home

Our Promise to you

It is our ambition at Wholesale Homes and Sheds to supply quality Kit Homes and Sheds throughout Australia. We are the most affordable Kit Home supplier in Australia with a great reputation. Have the peace of mind knowing you will be buying from a trusted supplier. Our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience that will guide you to design and construct your dream home.


Affordable Kit Home Designs

If your looking to save money whilst building your dream home, you should consider on building a Kit Home. After acquiring quotes from builder’s, you might realise how expensive it is to build a home. Our Kit Homes are the most affordable on the market today, with designs ranging from one bedroom granny flats to Large six bedroom family homes. The best way to build a home that you will love and be affordable, is to be an owner builder.



Kit Homes are flexible with altering the designs from the original. Wheather you are looking to build from Steel Frames or Treated Timber, we can customise your design to suit either. Building a Kit Home gives you total control to choose a design that your completetely happy with. Using a project home builder, you will be limited to modications due to their designs are layed out. Creating a home that you love will give you the peace of mind knowing your home is a home that you designed.