tips for success when building a Kit home

Tips for success when building a Kit Home

For some people the thought of building a Kit Home might be daunting especially if you are relatively new to the building industry. Wholesale Homes and Sheds are giving our tips for success when building a Kit Home to ensure your build runs smoothly. We are committed at providing a strong level of support.


One of the main factors prior to build a Kit Home is choosing between Steel Frames and Timber Frames. This decision will affect your build time and price. As one of the leading Kit Home suppliers in Australia, we supply both. Both options have pro’s and con’s so you need to weigh up the options and see what’s best suited to you.


Are you looking to build on a slab or a floor system? At Wholesale Homes and Sheds, we supply all engineering for slab/footing designs. You will be required to have a soil report prior to any engineering and approval stages, regardless if you build a Kit Home or go through a regular project home builder. A soil report factors in your soil type which determines the depth of your slab and footings.


Prior to building, we would recommend that planning is the key to success. Planning will help you to stay in control of your build, budget and time. A timeline will help guide you to keep track of trades, and when to organise other trades. Certain tasks and trades can be working on the build together without getting in the way of each other. If your having difficulty with this, one of our team members will be able to help you.


Owner Building a Kit Home


Owner building can be extremely rewarding. When you’ve completed your home, you feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing what you built. During the build, you will have direct contact to guide you through building your kit home. We provide 7-day technical support whilst building as we know alot of the build is done over weekends. This gives the client a peace of mind knowing if they get stuck, we are only a phone call away.