Steel Kit Homes

Steel Kit Homes

Steel Kit Homes have developed much in recent years. Wholesale Homes and Sheds provide high quality steel frame construction homes. Since steel is a more expensive option, it is usually most common in modern homes. They are very lightweight and easy to install. Most noteworthy all our designs are available in both Steel and timber.


Benefits of building a steel kit home:

  • Have a peace of mind for not attracting termites.
  • Additionally they are very lightweight and easily movable on-site.
  • They are strong and firm with no natural weakness.
  • Due to being steel, they will not be effected by rot.
  • Modern frames are resistant to shrink and warp.


Steel Kit Homes are engineered to be stronger and more secure with no natural weakness, it is a perfect solution to construct your kit home. They offer protection and resistance against bush fire’s as they can withstand high temperatures. Colorbond roofing is an Australian tradition to go along with your brand new steel home.


As a result of manufactures techniques, they have developed steel frames for tough Australian conditions. Recent years have seen a difference in house framing. The way the frames are rolled to increase strength while been very lightweight.


Have the comfort in knowing all our steel frames are made and rolled right here in Australia. Furthermore this gives you the peace of mind, knowing your getting quality products and materials that will with stand up to Australian conditions for many years to come.


Finally each home requires council approval regardless on steel or treated timber. Our team helps all clients get their kit home council approved with the added confidence of purchasing a kit home through Wholesale Homes and Sheds.


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