Finding the Perfect Colour Scheme

Finding the Perfect Colour Scheme


Finding the perfect colour scheme is important to your home. The first element that will capture an audiences attention is a great colour scheme. A colour scheme can make or break a house. It is important to understand the style of home for both interior and exterior colour schemes.



The most common rule is the three colour rule.

Modern designs are contrasted by neutral colours, beige and whites tend to work well with all designs. The combination of a modern home design and neutral colours blend in with the streetscape.


Choose a colour template that reflects your style.



Creating a quality interior combination of colours requires the attention to detail. Natural whites and beige colours are popular in modern homes. Natural whites are perfect for making small cosy rooms feel spacious. Avoid mixing colours even if they are at different parts of the home, this will create alternative styles. Ceilings are traditionally white and for a good reason. It makes your home feel open and welcoming as opposed to a darker colour will enclose the room.

Tip: Look to put matte ceiling flat on the ceilings, rather than gloss paint as these will show up the smallest of imperfections on your home.

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Feature Walls

Feature walls can be used both interior and exterior of any home, but it important not to crowd each room with a feature wall. Interior feature walls can be creating by adding paint, wallpaper of texturing. When deciding a colour for your feature wall, it is important to keep the style of the original plan that was set out to achieve. For example, not to add a unnatural colour that will not reflect the style of the remaining home.


Wallpaper is an older style of designing although, there are thousands of types of wallpaper that can be designed for a modern home.

Tip: Before wallpapering a new dry wall, by painting the wall before you wallpaper will save time and is a much easier process if later you decide to change or paint the wall.

Exterior feature walls can be created with paint, stone, timber and texturing. A stone feature wall with a rendered home will bring your home to life.


Style your home to match in with your furniture. Use rugs and cushions to add and mix colour throughout your home. Painting and artworks can also be an effective quick fix to brightening your home. Most noteworthy is to sample colours. Most hardware and painting shops will have samples of the colours, so try before you make a full commitment will help you achieve great results.