Smart Home

Creating a Smart Home

The Future is here. Bring your new home to life by creating a Smart Home. A Smart Home is basically a home with multiple connected devices that are controlled by one main hub. Each Home is different pending the devices are connected. Consumer’s accessibility to High-Speed internet have changed the way we think about tasks by simplifying them. Turning on the air conditioning while your on your way home from work to cool the house down or starting the oven for dinner. A Smart Home is convenient and a new way of life.


Security Systems

A secure home requires a security system that is connected to the hub. Most security systems will allow you to monitor your home from afar. Each system has different features, so make sure you research your products.



New advances in technology in recent years have made smart homes flexible. Lights can be dimmed or brightened to suit the mood setting.



Whether you want to keep an eye out on the kids upstairs or answer the door remotely. An intercom system allows you to keep on top of everything.



The ultimate wow factor for any new home hub has the potential to control the TV and Music System and allows speakers to be built into the walls and ceilings.



Ducted air conditioning, Split systems and fans can be controlled from the hub to make those long summer nights that little more comfortable.


Endless Possibilities

New technology has allowed us to be in control of heated towel racks, heated bathroom tiles, Oven’s and Fridges, Cooking appliances and Smart Locks.