Choosing between a Timber Kit Home or Steel Kit Home

Choosing between a Timber Kit Home or Steel Kit Home

When choosing a Kit Home, you must decide to build using a Steel Frame Kit Home or Timber Kit Home. This is one of the major factors when building any home as much as Kit Home. Wholesale Homes and Sheds have the flexibility to choose between Steel or Timber Frame construction. You have the option to build both on a slab or on posts. Both options are great building with Wholesale Homes and Sheds as it will save you money from cutting out builders margins and leaving you spending money on more important things.


Steel Frame Construction

Steel Kit Homes are engineered to be stronger and more secure with no natural weakness, it is a perfect solution to construct your Kit Home. They offer protection and resistance against bushfire’s as they can withstand high temperatures.

Choosing between a Timber Kit Home or Steel Kit Home

Timber Frame Construction

Timber frame Kit Homes are generally cheaper than Steel Kit Homes. Timber is easier to construct and a lot more effective to build with. Our timber kit homes are fully engineered with bracing engineered throughout the home.

Choosing between a Timber Kit Home or Steel Kit Home














All Wholesale Homes and Sheds kit homes require council approval. In some areas your council might be prone to regulating only Timber Frame Homes or vise versa and only allowing Steel Frame Homes. Because we supply kit homes all across Australia, we deal with many councils and their regulations.


BAL (Bushfire Attack Level)

Each home has a BAL rating depending on your area and location. If you are located in a suburban area, usually your BAL rating will be fairly low, but if you are surrounded by bush land and have limited access your BAL rating will most likely be high. This is important to understand because it can have a great impact on your price, as your materials will have to upgraded to suit your BAL rating. For example, Your windows will have to be upgraded to cope with your BAL rating incase of a Bushfire.

There are 6 levels of BAL (Bushfire Attack Level)

  • BAL – Low
  • BAL – 12.5
  • BAL – 19
  • BAL – 29
  • BAL – 40
  • BAL – FZ (Flame Zone)



If you have purchased a block of land and looking to build a kit home on the property, it is important to understand the property market value in your area. It is also ideal when choosing between a Timber Kit Home or Steel Kit Home. If you are near the coastline on the beach, it would be common to build a Timber Kit Home as having a Steel Kit Home so close to the ocean can impact on your home longer term. It would help to contact your team at Wholesale Homes and Sheds for further advise.