Benefits Building a Kit Home

Benefits of Building a Kit Home

Australian families are realizing that it is becoming increasing resilient to enter today’s property market. Kit Homes have the opportunity to make the Australian dream come true.

The term “Kit Home”is defined as a home where the primary components such as flooring, walls and roof are prefabricated and brought to your site for assembly.

Kit Homes have become increasingly popular over the last decade with advances in technology and techniques. The methods to constructing a Kit Home can be assembled by a professional builder or yourself as an owner builder. Building your own home has never been this easy.



Wholesale Homes and Sheds realize a lot of potential clients do not have a trade behind them. We have the service and techniques that we guide you every step of the way. It is the ultimate satisfaction of completing your own home and you will be able to reap the rewards for many years to come.

Here are some benefits of building a Kit Home:

Cost Effective

One of the most beneficial parts about building a Kit Home is being cost effective. A lot of people who buy Kit Homes are looking for a way to enter the property market and build their dream home. At Wholesale Homes and Sheds we have our own design and drafting team that will work in closely with you to make your ideas are compelled in an effective way of building your own home. Although the majority of of clients owner build, hiring contractors out at your own leisure will go along way in saving money towards your home. Building a Kit Home allows you to act as the “project manager” of your own home. You will always stay in control of the build, Hiring contractors you want to, and when you are ready for them. Wholesale Homes and Sheds provide 7-day technical support whilst building. These gives each client the peace of mind knowing if you come across an obstacle, we are only a phone call away even over weekends. Staying in control of your build by being smart about hiring contractors and getting 3 quotes on tasks required.


Design and Flexibility

Designing your own Kit Home might seem daunting but rest assured our team will guide you along the way. Our team have a mixture of designing and having hands on tool experience over years in the building industry. You will be guided to build your design whilst keeping it to a cost effective process. All our designs are composed in order to be cost effective but do allow flexibility with altering the plan to suit your lifestyle. Whether your changing the window sizes, removing walls or extending decks they are possible.

Build at your own pace

Building at your own pace is very important. When building a Kit Home, every client is different with different circumstances. Basically we operate by not delivering all products in one heap on-site, but in stages as you progress through your build.

Benefits of building a kit home



In addition to having control of your build, flexibility is a big tick when building a Kit Home. Buying an existing home or project home will usually limit your capabilities when designing your home. Many project home builders will limit you amount of changes you can make, due to changing the designing complexes. A Kit Home allows full customization when altering existing plans.

Building a Kit home

It is not uncommon for our customers to seek professional trades to help with the build. We suggest that you seek a team of carpenters rather than builders. This way you can usually charge on a hourly rate that will allow you to keep to a budget.

When building a Kit Home through Wholesale Homes and Sheds, we provide a builders guide, Online owner-builder’s course and 7 day a week support to help you through your building process.


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