Bush Fire Attack Level

Understanding your Bush Fire Attack Level


When purchasing land or property that you are considering building on, it is important to understand the Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) for your proposal of development. Having a high BAL level can affect the pricing of your home with the need for fireproof doors and Double glazed windows to name a few.

Australian conditions is known for it’s blazing hot sun and resilient summers. By determining your BAL for your property and adequate protection from these conditions, ensure a peace a mind when purchasing a property in these areas.

There are 6 Bush Fire Attack Levels that are used to determine the appropriate construction to be applied to a development:

  • Low
  • BAL – 12.5
  • BAL – 19
  • BAL – 29
  • BAL – 40
  • Flame Zone


These levels are assessed under the conditions of:

  • The type of vegetation.
  • How close your building is to the vegetation.
  • What the effective slope is (i.e. Fire runs more readily and with greater intensity uphill).
  • The fire danger index applicable to the region.


The building requirements for the house design and construction vary according to the bush fire attack level that a development falls into. The building requirements for each BAL are set out in Australian Standard.