Top 5 tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Area

Top 5 tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Area

Want to create your own ultimate outdoor entertaining area on a perfect Australian summer night?

Here are the top 5 tips for creating the perfect Outdoor Area from the comfort from your own home.



The Floor. This is the base of your entertaining area and start of what type of atmosphere your looking to develop. There are many different options to choose such as decks, tiles, pavers or slabs. When choosing your floor, many variables come into consideration.

  • If my tiles get wet, will they be slippery? Can i use a non slip product?
  • Do i have time to maintain my deck by coating usually twice a year?
  • Will my pavers show food, drink stains if they are not sealed?



Your furniture will ideally depend on the atmosphere you want to create. It will work with the colour and type of walls you have. This is an important part of planning your outdoor entertaining area. Consider using wicker furniture as it looks great, requires no maintenance, it’s easy to move and available in multiple colours.



A relaxing environment is a private environment. Having privacy in your own outdoor entertaining area will let you have the peace of mind and comfort of your own home. Simple objects such as plants, privacy screens or outdoor blinds can help keep your area secluded.



This part of planning your outdoor entertaining area can help you enjoy it all year round including winter and summer. Shade sails are perfect in creating an alternative choice for shade whilst still allowing the afternoon breeze. Weather-proofing your outdoor area will allow you to enjoy it even while it’s raining. Having ‘sandwich’ panel style patio area will create the perfect outdoor entertaining area.



When choosing lights, you can highlight main features of your outdoor entertaining area. Features such as water features, feature walls or the BBQ area will be highlighted by different type of lighting.


Overall, planning is the the key success in creating the perfect outdoor entertaining area. If you plan and budget these top 5 tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Area your likely to succeed in creating your own perfect outdoor entertaining area.