About us

We are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of Kit Homes and Sheds. We supply Kit Homes and Sheds at Wholesale prices.

With over 30+ years in the building industry itself, It’s experience that cannot be bought. Furthermore, having this much experience, puts us ahead of any other competition. Consequently more and more Australian families are looking into owner builder homes to save money.

Wholesale Homes and Sheds have been helping people build their dream homes from start to finish. We have provided homeowners throughout Australia with top-of-the-line materials to meet their specifications and requirements. We supply homes in treated timber or steel construction, the choice is yours.


Kit Homes

We pride ourselves with the proficiency, capability, knowledge, and technology to provide you design plans that match what you have in mind right down the smallest detail.

Our plans and specifications for each kit are meticulously drafted, with each part precisely created to allow you the freedom to make the property truly yours. Hence, you can add features to suit your needs and wants. Add an extra bedroom or make a bigger deck, we can do this for you.

We offer a variety of designs you can choose from, from one-bedroom kit homes to 2-storey family homes large enough to fit six bedrooms. However, we have an awesome drafting and design team that would gladly work with you as you design your perfect house. We can also supply duplexes and townhouses to your needs.

Kit Homes are a great investment as a granny flat on any property. As a result of building a granny flat, you will have the ability for an extra income if you were to rent it out, or will receive substantial market growth on your home by having a second dwelling.




Wholesale Homes and Sheds supply’s all kinds of Sheds and Garages all made from Australian BlueScope steel. We believe our products are the highest of quality made for the tough Australian weather. We have the flexibility to choose from ZINCALUME® or COLORBOND® steel shed. These are premium Australian products you can rely on. Due to all Sheds have different designs and measurements, They are all cut to size and ready to be assembled. Our sheds also come with the choice of roller doors, external access doors, windows to your request.

We specialize in all types including:



We Deliver..

At Wholesale Homes and Sheds, we value our customers’ time. Hence, right from the get-go, we make sure everything runs seamlessly according to our customers’ schedules and keep in constant contact from start to finish.

Furthermore it does not matter where you are in Australia. We will get everything to you safely. Because customer-focused service ensures our dedicated staff will be on standby as you set about building your home. Finally we Deliver all over Australia including Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.